The digital platform focuses on the building of internal processes

Performance management

Tomas covers all the company's needs for monitoring business performance with solutions such as strategic planning, BSC, business planning, reports and control panels.

Digitization of processes

Tomas solutions digitize company processes such as complaints, audits, noncomformities, corrective actions, risk management, meetings, projects, opportunities and customer relationships.

Engaging employees

Tomas solutions enable employees to participate in a single digital platform, where they have access to all necessary documents, overview of tasks from all areas (tasks, project tasks, meeting decisions, corrective measures, ..), overview of activities and correspondence with customers.

TOMAS eliminates the pain of companies

Do you have a strategic plan on paper only? Do you know at any time whether activities are being implemented to achieve strategic goals? More ->
You are measuring the Key performance indicators of strategic objectives; do you know where you are not achieving them? More ->
You are performing business planning through Excel tables? Send Excel tables to responsible by e-mail and then manually copy all to shared Excel? A lot of mistakes happen? Your people are constantly late with the submitting Excels? More ->
Do you have a simple overview of the status of all projects, you know which one are late, whose tasks are not carried out within due date, who are responsible? More ->
Do you have an overview of all the activities with the individual buyer (visits, calls, offers, contracts, sent and received mails all, promotions, campaigns...) in one place? More ->
Do you also have headaches before external audits because your colleagues have not provided you with reports on the elimination of deviations from processes? More ->
Having a problem getting data from colleagues for quality objectives Indicators? More ->
Are you able to make analyze the causes of complaints easily? More ->
Do you have all the documentation in the paper files or on the shared disk, where the problem is access, document search, problem, which is the last version of the document? More ->
Is internal communication all mixed up among external communication, or is it connected exactly with a particular area, problem, task, action, project?


Why is TOMAS digital platform the best choice for you?

With the purchase of TOMAS digital platform, you get the most value for your money.


All TOMAS modules are connectable and exchange data

User friendly

The user sees only those menus and information that are related to his workplace

Anytime, anywhere

Information is available anytime from anywhere via the WEB browser or mobile phone


Through the unique TOMAS function, different input fields can be added to each input mask without programming.

Low maintenance costs

Because users can change input masks, rename menus, create reviews, there are no additional on-demand programming costs.

Useful for corporate group

All companies in the group can have their internal processes digitized in the same way

Every business needs a strategic plan


Do you have a strategic plan only on paper? Do you know at all times whether activities are being carried out to achieve strategic goals?Do you measure indicators of strategic goals, do you know where you are not achieving them?Do you have a clear view at all times of measures to improve indicators in the event of non-achievement?Are risk and opportunity analysis measures an integral part of your Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)?

Screen sample: Dynamic strategic map indicates if there are bad KPI‘s or tasks are delayed for a specific strategy.


Software-supported design of business vision, strategic goals and their transformation into traceable activities. Evaluating the performance of departments and individuals.


Continental, Germany (tyre producer),Kudu, Saudi arabia, (fast food restaurants), Energetika MB, Slovenia(remote heating supplier) , Lily hospital, Nigeria

The strategy needs to be incorporated into operational business plans


Are you performing business planning through Excel tables? Do you send Excel tables to responsible by e-mail and then manually copy all to shared Excel? A lot of mistakes happen? Your people are constantly late with the submitting Excels? Are you are preparing budget on an estimation of the year, consisting of realization and evaluation until the end of the year, for which you need to manually prepare the basics? Do you have the option of quick simulations, versions of the plan. How do you perform a distribution of indirect costs? How you track the realization of a plan compared to different versions, manually in Excel? Do you also work on monthly operational plans?

Screen sample: Input of data is arranged similar to that of excel’s functionality, i.e., data can be copied values and percentages can be increased. For every item you can define a formula for its calculation; planners can individually create any kind of report similar to excel


When company numbers come to life and make it possibleinteractive multidimensional simulations business result under different assumptionsbusiness. It allows multiple versions of the plan andmonitoring compared to realization.


Don don group Serbia – bakeries, Energetika MB, Slovenia(remote heating supplier), Lily hospital, Nigeria, Generalli,Slovenia – insurance company, Nigrad, Slovenia, (Constructioncompany)

Dashboards and reports offer a quick and convenient overview of the company's status anytime, anywhere.


Are you preparing all reports from ERP manually in Excel and send them to management by e-mail?Do you have errors when adding data manually? Do you have time to analyze data due to a plethora of manual work?Are your reports challenging because it is necessary to elaborate each time also distribute the indirect costs (OBOL, ABC), which requires a lot of formulas, calculations, big chance of errors?How do you track the realization in comparison to the plan, last year?Did your decision-makers overloaded with the mass of reports by e-mail, where there is no quick way to see where the problems are? Do you need to Prepare them always new and new reports because they can't explore their reports in depth? Do You need to prepare specific form of reports for each?How does the management measure in case of derogations from the plan, do they have opportunity to immediately assign tasks to the responsible?Do you also collect any data that is not in ERP through Excel and e-mails from your departments, dislocated units?Do you need to apply additional reports to external organization, owners, maybe even in another language?

Screen sample: All vital informations of the company on one site


All key business indicators, up-to-date, transparent onin one place. Allows you to control activities and resourceswhen the time is right for it. Annual results are history,which we can no longer change.


Don don group Serbia – bakeries, Lily hospital, Nigeria,Vodovod MB, Slovenia, (water supply), Ministry of healthSlovenia (Emergency units reporting), Koto, Slovenia(processing all types of animal by-products and sludge)

Review of project implementation, review of missed tasks, financial result of the project


Do you have a simple overview of the status of all projects, you know which one are late, whose tasks are not carried out within due date, who are responsible?Do you have a Unified overview of all project, activities and documentation? Is it happening to you that you don’t not know what is the latest version of the offer, the technical specifications received from the buyer?Do you have an overview of all the costs and revenue of the project, do you know the financial performance of your projects and your buyers compared to the planned?You are managing projects in Excel or some IT tool you find too complex to use?

Screen sample: When they enter TOMAS they get Project Dashboard with all vital information and financial success


Projects of all types (development, marketing, strategic,…) are in one place,we add to each type of projectinput fields without programming.Projects for all organizational units (departments, companies) are in one place.The financial performance of projects can be monitored for each individual project and aggregated.All emails with our projects are visible under project events.All project documentation is available in TOMAS.DM and linked to the project.All tasks are on the server and emails alert those responsible for missed tasks.


Don don group Serbia – bakeries, Lily hospital, Nigeria,Predilnica Litia, Slovenia, (textille), Romtelco, Romania(telecommunications) Sofia knowledge cluster center, Bulgaria,Koto, Slovenia (processing all types of animal by-products andsludge), Tomplast, Slovenia (automotive), Mitol, Slovenia(adhesives), Kolpa Slovenia, (bathroom equipment),

Modern software support for efficient business management based on ISO standards and business excellence


Do you also have headaches before the external audit because your colleagues did not provide you with reports on the elimination of discrepancies in time?Do you know where all your measures for continuous progress are located and who takes care of their proper updating?Once you detect deviations based on internal or external audit, how to correct that or, more importantly, how do you monitor the implementation of all measures and how to measure their effectiveness?Can you easily analyze the causes of discrepancies?Do you use paper questionnaires?Do you take preventative and corrective action in Excel, which is opaque and needs to be manually updated yourself? Do you know who is late and how they are notified?Having trouble getting data from co-workers for quality goal indicators?Do you plan and maintain continuous improvement measures based on risks and opportunities?You need to report complaints to your customers, you need to use methodologies like 8d, 4M / 6M, 5 why…? Do you manage complaints in Excel? Can you easily analyze the causes and recurrence of complaints?Do you have all the documentation in folders or on a shared disk where there is a problem of access, document search, a problem, what is the latest version of the document?


Audits - manage audits, use online questionnairesCorrective action - take action in case of deviationsthe performance of your business from the goalsISO documents - software management supportdocuments in accordance with ISO standards.Process modeling - Process redesign and ISO support - record your processes and focus them on achieving performance and excellenceComplaint tracking - enables you to monitor complaints electronically, effectively eliminate errors and prevent the emergence of new ones, and thus maintain customer loyalty.Risk Management (Risk) - allows you to identify risks, analyze and assess risks, to plan measures and monitor performance.


Mercator group, Slovenia (15 companies-chain ofsupermarkets), Lily hospital, Nigeria, Predilnica Litia, Slovenia,(textille), Koto, Slovenia (processing all types of animalby-products and sludge), Tomplast, Slovenia (automotive),Mitol, Slovenia (adhesives), Serbian railways, Energetica MB,Slovenia (remote heating supplier), Cardio medical, Slovenia(medical supplier), Hospital Golnik, Slovenia

Review of projects, review of missed tasks, financial result of the project


Do you have an overview of all activities with an individual customer (Visits, calls, offers, contracts, sent and received emails of all, promotions, campaigns, opportunities…) in one place?Is e-mail communication with the customer visible even when the salesperson leaves your company?Can you also send emails directly from the customer review?Do you have an overview of all documents related to the customer in the latest valid version? Do you have automatic contract expiration alerts?They all have an overview of customer complaints and in what status are they?Do you have an overview of all opportunities, projects and tasks related to the customer and warnings about delays? Can you directly assign a task to the responsible person in relation to the customer?Does every salesperson have an immediate overview of the planned and achieved realization by months and products on the customer's card?

Screen sample: All vital informations on ona page.
Screen sample: Every company wants to achieve good sales results. Unfortunately, these future results are quite unpredictable. But they come from various activities, which can be planned, managed and measured.


Unified overview of all data on business partnersEasy overview of sales activitiesView all e-mail correspondence in one placeAssigning tasks to co-workersManaging opportunities and projectsSetting remindersSupervision and management of the (sales) teamAcceptance of ordersConducting promotionsOverview of sales data compared to the plan


Lily hospital, Nigeria, Predilnica Litia, Slovenia, (textille),Tomplast, Slovenia (automotive), Mitol, Slovenia (adhesives),Novellus, Slovenia (hair products distribution), HSH Chemie,Serbia, (chemical industry), Clarus acta, Croatia (cosmeticsdistributor)

Managing meetings, reviewing of meeting decisions


Have you already had 20 meetings of the Management Board, are you preparing an invitation, and the first point is a review of the decisions of previous meetings? Therefore, it is necessary to review all previous WORD minutes and conclusions, and call those responsible to send you reports.Do your employees have an easy overview of all the conclusions from the various meetings in one place where they can report and the reports are immediately visible to everyone?

Screen sample: In the review of the conclusions, the conclusions that are late are red-colored, users also get alerts on mail.


When we prepare a new meeting invitation, we first select the type of meeting (template), so that certain data is already filled in automatically, as well as permanent invitees. You can edit this information or add new ones.The program automatically offers us all unconfirmed conclusions of previous meetings of this kind, along with reports.In the area My conclusions, we have collected all the decisions for which we are designated as the responsible person or contractor.In the review of decisions, we see at which meeting the decision was made, who is responsible, what is the percentage of completion and how much time and resources have already been spent.Emails warn of delays.


Don don group Serbia – bakeries, Lily hospital, Nigeria,Predilnica Litia, Slovenia, (textille),Mitol, Slovenia (adhesives)

Important TOMAS references

Tomas has been developing for over 20 years in cooperation with over 200 managers in Slovenia and abroad

- Continental Hannover (Proces, BSC)
- KUDU Saudi Arabia (TOMAS.BSC)
- Hospital Golnik, Slovenia (DM, Cori)
- Mercator group, Slovenia – 15 companies-chain of supermarkets, 10.000 users of TOMAS.DM)
- Ministry of health, Slovenia (Reports of emergeny units using TOMAS.Report)
- Generali, Slovenia – insurance company (TOMAS.BP)
- Don don group Serbia – bakeries (all TOMAS modules)
- Textille Litia (Meeting, ISO)
- DBS (bank) (Meeting)
- Clarus acta, Croatia, (Promotions)
- Energetica MB, Slovenia (remote heating supplier) (TOMAS.Cori, Projects, Dash and BP)
- Koto (Plan, Dashboard, ISO, Project)
- Tomplast, Slovenia (automotive), (Project, DM, CRM, Cori, Claim, Audit)
- Mitol, Slovenia (chemical industry), (Project, DM, CRM, Cori, Claim, Meeting)
- HSH Chemie, Serbia (CRM)
- Continental Korbach, Germany (BSC and Process)
- Sofia knowledge cluster center, Bulgaria, CRM
- Romtelco, Romania, (Projects)
- Lily hospital, Nigeria, (all TOMAS modules)
- Messer gasses Slovenia (ISO (DM, Risk, Audit, Claims, Cori)
- Iskra (measuring tools, assembly lines) (Projects, CRM, DM-ISO, Claims)
- Istrabenz gasses (Projects, BSC)- Energy plus MB (BP-Business, Dash-reporting)- Domel (Electric motors and components) (DM-ISO)- Plastic Mesojedec (ISO (DM, Audit, Claims, Cori), Meetings- Grega_JK (Metal processing) – (CRM, Audit, DM-ISO)

Current Partners and Distributors

- Structure consulting, Jordan,
- Hiron, Bulgaria,
- BSC academy, Iran,
- Nexus MS, Egypt,
- Finacon, Romania,
- Subnet Business Solution, Pakistan
- MBE Sistemi, Croatia,
- Patrick consult, Nigeria,
- Perftech, Slovenija
- SRC, Slovenija,
- DSE group, Serbia
- Dimensions Consulting ltd., Middle East,
- SPDS business, Mexico
- Silicone Cities Consulting, Australia
- Aspire, UK,


Alan Perc, direktor Energetika Maribor


We started to intensively digitize internal business processes with TOMAS digital platform. We were very pleased when we got high evaluation for our efforts from TÜV auditors.

Alan Perc, CEO of Energetica MB

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