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Implementacija na Srbskih železnicah
Začeli smo z implementacijo TOMAS na Srbskih železnicah,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.DM (Upravljanje dokumentov), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Meeting (upravljanje sestankov in sklepov), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi), TOMAS.Proces (procesi).
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Implementacija TOMAS v Energetiki Maribor
Začeli smo z implementacijo v Energetika Maribor, Slovenija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi) 
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Implementacija TOMAS v skupini Don don Srbija
Začeli smo z implementacijo v skupini Don don, Srbija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cons(konsolidacija), TOMAS. Meeting (Sestanki)
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MIS = Management information system

Tactically chosen business moves lead you to the victory without putting your company at stake.

A powerful analytical tool that in a simple way follows our way of thinking and researching. It enables the integration of data from different business applications, Internet, different modules and business functions.

Effective indicators based on up-to-date records.
Analysis and display at the level of a specific event, e.g. at the level of delivery note positions.
Simple and transparent view of data, analysis from the view of several simultaneous dimensions.

The TOMAS.MIS solution enables the management of a company to adopt faster and better decisions at all levels of operation. It enables managers and analysts to monitor and analyze the operations of a company by using an advanced and user friendly interface based on the OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) technology.

TOMAS.MIS consists of individual cubes (e.g. Sales, Procurement, Inventories, Accounting controlling, Financial controlling, Human resources, Production and other) that include different views of information.

From the transaction system simultaneous loading and transfer of data to a data warehouse is enabled, where these data are processed with development tools (analysis services) and the result is a so-called cube or, in other words, a user friendly multidimensional table.

The advantage of the solution is that customers do not search in a database but access already elaborated aggregates. Such method of data preparation shows its advantages in the speed of access to data and in their consolidation.

The final method of a result display is defined by a user (in graphs, columns, numbers) since the top executive layer in a company most often requires instant, up-to-date information, while the middle analytical executive staff uses the business solution for mid- and long-term analytical prognoses.

Standard cubes:

The advantage of TOMAS.MIS is rich business knowledge already incorporated. We can offer to the clients standard cubes for different business areas, developed in our 20 years experiences in this field and in cooperation with several manages.

Key characteristics of the Management information system:

  • Multidimensional view of data
  • Advanced calculation options
  • Current position statement of a company
  • Business reviews of specific sectors
  • Working with time series and trend modeling
  • Option of integrating data from different data sources
  • Ability to process and analyze huge amount of data
  • Plan input and review of data also through the excel interface

                                                                          Excel add-in

Strategy requires reflection; tactics requires observation. Management information system!