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TOMAS implementation on Serbian railways
We started implementation in Serbian railways,

We will implement modules: TOMAS.DM (Document management), TOMAS.Meetings , TOMAS.Proces, TOMAS.Projects, TOMAS.Cori (corrective measures) 
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Implementation in Energy company Maribor
We started implementation in Energetika Maribor, Slovenia,

We will implement modules: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards , TOMAS.Reports, TOMAS.Projects, TOMAS.Cori (corrective measures) 
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Implementation of TOMAS in Don-don group
We started with implementation in group Don-don, Serbia,

We will implement modules: TOMAS.BP, TOMAS.Dashboards , TOMAS.Reports, TOMAS.Projects, TOMAS.Cons (consolidation) and TOMAS.Meetings 
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Visit in Continental Korbach
Igor Matjasic visited Continental Korbach for BSC workshops and presenting also other TOMAS modules.

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New atom released: TOMAS.CRM

We developed new module called TOMAS.CRM -Customer relationship management.

At first, CRM systems were only affordable to implement for bigger clients, but TOMAS has managed to develop CRM software that is also affordable for smaller enterprises.

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New release of TOMAS CPM

We developed now new platform called TOMAS.CPM  -Corporate performance management

It can bring together users and content on a single cloud-based workspace and see productivity accelerate

Have on one platform documents, manage meetings, create projects that let you drive a project through stages, see different tasks on a calendar. Create Strategic plan, BSC or Business plan, involve other into preparation and monitor realisation. Assign tasks when results are not according to expectations.

Monitor reclamations and claim, manage Corrective measures.

Design processes and ISO documentations. Monitor all your companies assets purchase.

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MIS-OLAP trial
How are you preparing Reports for the management. Using only excel and entering data manually every time? How you are satisfied with that? Lot of manual work, errors, always under time presure... Do you have at the end any time left to make quality Analyses. If you want to TRY IT OLAP analytical tool solution with great analytical power (drill down, rotation, filtering, sorting, charts and excel add-in for automated preparation of reports for management). The advantage of our solutions is that rich business knowledge from my managerial experiences and from cooperation with over 200 managers is already incorporated. 417 companies from 618 countries is already trying it. 

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Trial version of Affiliated units reporting

If you are sending excel files with mail to their dislocated units or companies every months to get data from them, then we can save you from a lot of MANUAL work. We have a wonderful, easy to use WEB solution that can help you with that, so no mails needed and they can instead use OLAP analytical tool with great analytical power (drill down, rotation, filtering, sorting, charts and excel add in for automatized preparation of reports for management. 133 companies from 60 countries around the world is already trying it. Now you can also use it in our cloud for convenient monthy rates. 

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BSC free trial

We know how start with BSC implementation can be difficult, so we are offering you trial version of our BSC solution, that can lead you through the whole Strategic planning workflow, from defining Mission, Vision, SWOT analyses, Strategic objectives, action plans, KPI's, strategic monitoring through Strategic maps, Dashboards and see how really professional BSC solution can do for you. I can then share also a questionnaire with you, which will help you with brainstorming. I am sure that you would then understand its benefit immediately and recognize that you need IT support and this solution could be a great help at your work. If you are interested send as a request and we will send you instructions how to download it on your computer. 660 companies from 84 countries around the world  is already trying it.

Click CONTACTS and send us mail, if you would like it as well.

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MIS = Management information system

Tactically chosen business moves lead you to the victory without putting your company at stake.

A powerful analytical tool that in a simple way follows our way of thinking and researching. It enables the integration of data from different business applications, Internet, different modules and business functions.

Effective indicators based on up-to-date records.
Analysis and display at the level of a specific event, e.g. at the level of delivery note positions.
Simple and transparent view of data, analysis from the view of several simultaneous dimensions.

The TOMAS.MIS solution enables the management of a company to adopt faster and better decisions at all levels of operation. It enables managers and analysts to monitor and analyze the operations of a company by using an advanced and user friendly interface based on the OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) technology.

TOMAS.MIS consists of individual cubes (e.g. Sales, Procurement, Inventories, Accounting controlling, Financial controlling, Human resources, Production and other) that include different views of information.

From the transaction system simultaneous loading and transfer of data to a data warehouse is enabled, where these data are processed with development tools (analysis services) and the result is a so-called cube or, in other words, a user friendly multidimensional table.

The advantage of the solution is that customers do not search in a database but access already elaborated aggregates. Such method of data preparation shows its advantages in the speed of access to data and in their consolidation.

The final method of a result display is defined by a user (in graphs, columns, numbers) since the top executive layer in a company most often requires instant, up-to-date information, while the middle analytical executive staff uses the business solution for mid- and long-term analytical prognoses.

Standard cubes:

The advantage of TOMAS.MIS is rich business knowledge already incorporated. We can offer to the clients standard cubes for different business areas, developed in our 20 years experiences in this field and in cooperation with several manages.

Key characteristics of the Management information system:

  • Multidimensional view of data
  • Advanced calculation options
  • Current position statement of a company
  • Business reviews of specific sectors
  • Working with time series and trend modeling
  • Option of integrating data from different data sources
  • Ability to process and analyze huge amount of data
  • Plan input and review of data also through the excel interface

                                                                          Excel add-in

Strategy requires reflection; tactics requires observation. Management information system!