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Implementacija na Srbskih železnicah
Začeli smo z implementacijo TOMAS na Srbskih železnicah,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.DM (Upravljanje dokumentov), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Meeting (upravljanje sestankov in sklepov), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi), TOMAS.Proces (procesi).
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Implementacija TOMAS v Energetiki Maribor
Začeli smo z implementacijo v Energetika Maribor, Slovenija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi) 
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Implementacija TOMAS v skupini Don don Srbija
Začeli smo z implementacijo v skupini Don don, Srbija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cons(konsolidacija), TOMAS. Meeting (Sestanki)
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IT ERP preduzeća

How ERP providers can benefit from Tomas Solutions support ...?

  • TOMAS provides, prompt, quality information that is easy user-friendly so that management can seethe quality of your ERP solution.
  • You can insure that your ERP solutions would not be changed to yet another solution with similar deficiencies and benefits.
  • Reduce report demands from clients because TOMAS allows versatility in report generation.
  • Continue earning maintenance contracts from existing clients.
  • Include TOMAS along with your offer to new clients to; eliminate competition that does not offer Business Intelligence (BI) and compete along side 'bigger' ERP providers who does offer BI.

Certainly, TOMAS Solutions can generate even more revenue for you as an ERP provider.It can increase your company's profitabillty, success, employability, customers satisfaction, community satisfaction and owners satisfaction whilst earningadditional revenue from sales provisions, support and implementation.


How you can cooperate with us ?

There are several ways how you can cooperate with us and get benefits:

  1. DISTRIBUTORSHIP- If you would be a Distributor, distributors can implement, consult and install TOMAS solutions. A distributorship agreement can be signed and there will be provisions and support.
  2. REFERENCE- If you want to use our Solutions for your private consultancy work and act as a referee. You can send us contacts who are interested in purchasing our solutions, or you can provide extra service (and be paid accordingly). You will benefit from being provided a finding fee for this.
  3. NETWORKING- If you would like toassist us in networking, i.e., finding partnersto distribute or use TOMAS Solutions, again a finding fee will be allocated.


We can offer immediately: 3 months test period for interface between your ERP and TOMAS Solutions!

For more information: You can download the presentation material from the specific module pages


Contact us if you would like a live demonstration via web conferencing or an interactive demonstration, we will gladly facilitate you as soon as possible.

An informative offer can be sent you as soon as you decide to cooperate. We do look forward to early discussions and a productive business relationship in the future.