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Implementacija na Srbskih železnicah
Začeli smo z implementacijo TOMAS na Srbskih železnicah,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.DM (Upravljanje dokumentov), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Meeting (upravljanje sestankov in sklepov), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi), TOMAS.Proces (procesi).
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Implementacija TOMAS v Energetiki Maribor
Začeli smo z implementacijo v Energetika Maribor, Slovenija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi) 
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Implementacija TOMAS v skupini Don don Srbija
Začeli smo z implementacijo v skupini Don don, Srbija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cons(konsolidacija), TOMAS. Meeting (Sestanki)
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If the operation of a company is not consistent with a desired or planned operation, the need for constant action appears. The need for action can arise on the basis of internal or external evaluations, records on discrepancies, managerial reviews, poor indicators of process performance measurement, etc. Apart from identifying discrepancies, it is also important to analyse the reasons for them and to eliminate errors as soon as possible or to prevent their occurence. Without an adequate information support, control and monitoring of task performance on the basis of an action plan are hardly feasible. With a detailed analysis, implementation of preventive and corrective measures, and everyday control over the implementation, the causes of our errors are eliminated and their reoccurrence is prevented, which results in the successful implementation of our processes.

TOMAS.Cori enables an analysis of all discrepancies, analysis of causes, a plan of corrective measures for the elimination of discrepancies and a plan of preventive measures for the prevention of discrepancies. With our solution, you will be able to effectivelly control the execution of corrective and preventive measures, monitor causes for ill-timed execution and persons in charge.

Cori has the following features:

Entry of a corrective measure

The first step after the identification of a deviation is the entry of a corrective measure.

When we start entering a measure, a serial number of the measure is automatically assigned together with a date. Then we define the title of the measure and an incoming document on the basis of which deviations have been identified. We identify the organization unit in which deviation appeared, a coded reason for the measure and a responsible person. We can also add a more detailed explanation or description of the measure. We set a deadline for the implementation of the measure and a deadline for the verification of the implementation performance.

We can also add an original document or record on the basis of which the need for action appeared.

Entry of a preventive measure

In certain cases, potential future deviations are identified on the basis of an analysis. Therefore, a preventive measure for the elimination of potential danger is adopted. Further development of the process is the same as for a corrective measure. All reviews are separated whether corrective or preventive measures are in question.

Here, a responsible person can enter his/her findings on the reasons for a deviation or possible locations of deviations.

Nonconformity analysis

Based on our findings, a detailed analysis with already anticipated guidance for the elimination of nonconformity can be triggered.

Action plan

An action plan can be assigned to corrective or preventive measures. The plan includes one or several tasks that can be allocated between different operators, and deadlines for their execution can be defined within a specified final deadline for the implementation of the measure.


Persons conducting measures report on the implementation of tasks assigned to them in the action plan. We differentiate between Reports on the implementation of corrective tasks and Reports on the implementation of preventive tasks. The latter is divided into Reports on the implementation of a measure and Reports on the performance of the measure implementation of a measure.

One or several reports can be written for each task, in which implemented works and a completion date are defined.

Code lists

The application comprises a great number of code lists that are managed by an administrator and enable a simpler classification and monitoring of measures by different parameters (types of input materials, reasons, statuses, etc.).


The application also includes a powerful browser that enables searching of measures by different parameters. Search parametres can be stored under our own reviews for later use.

Technical requirements

Data server: Windows 2003 or higher, Windows NT, Pentium II 500MHZ or higher, 1GB RAM, hard disc 30GB or bigger, SW – Oracle 8 or higher, or Oracle XE which is, with certain limitations, free of charge, MS SQL

PC client: Windows 98 or higher, Pentium II 500MHZ, 128MB RAM, hard disc with minimum 100MB free space.

if you want to try it for free send as a request. If you will like it, you can rent for convenient price of 25 EUR per user per month.