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Implementacija na Srbskih železnicah
Začeli smo z implementacijo TOMAS na Srbskih železnicah,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.DM (Upravljanje dokumentov), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Meeting (upravljanje sestankov in sklepov), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi), TOMAS.Proces (procesi).
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Implementacija TOMAS v Energetiki Maribor
Začeli smo z implementacijo v Energetika Maribor, Slovenija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cori (korektivni ukrepi) 
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Implementacija TOMAS v skupini Don don Srbija
Začeli smo z implementacijo v skupini Don don, Srbija,

Implementirali bomo module: TOMAS.BP (Plan), TOMAS.Dashboards (nadzorne plošče), TOMAS.Reports (poročila), TOMAS.Projects (projekti), TOMAS.Cons(konsolidacija), TOMAS. Meeting (Sestanki)
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Cons is a solution for the consolidation of financial statements.

On the basis of vast experience and in cooperation with companies, DSE group has developed an application for financial consolidation, reporting and analyses. TOMAS.Cons is one of the TOMAS decision support modules. The application simplifies complex data collecting processes, shortens the time of closing accounting periods and improves the possibilities of financial planning and analyses.

An increasing number of companies opt for purchases, takeovers and investments in other companies. That is why the need for the consolidation of financial statements has developed, both in terms of legal requirements and even more due to the need of the management to control the affiliates.

The Cons application has the following features:

Adaptable system for the capturing of data of affiliates

Collecting dispersed data from different sources at remote locations is one of the biggest challenges for financial consolidation and reporting systems. The application can use and check data from ASCII files, tables, general ledgers of ERP systems and other sources in an adaptable, quick manner with perfect reliability, so that the consolidation process can run smoothly.

Complex currency conversions

In the consolidation process, complex currency conversions must be performed. For each country, the type of currency for a conversion (average, final) into the currency of a parent company is defined, and rules for posting of exchange differences resulting from the use of different exchange rates are determined.

Support to the conversion from different accounting standards

Companies in a group must keep accounts according to national accounting standards. For the implementation of consolidation, a complex conversion from those standards into standards used by a parent company must be performed.

A rule for the conversion into a parent company account is determined for each country for each synthetic account. Among these rules, exceptions at the level of analytical accounts are also determined.

Integrated tools and devices for the implementation of consolidation processes

Consolidated accounting statements are sets of accounting statements of interconnected companies, indicating a financial situation and profit or loss as for a single company. Such review is obtained by adequate consolidation corrections of the sum of accounting statements of all companies in a group.

Consolidation procedures supported by the application are:
  • Capital consolidation
  • Exclusion of claims and liabilities
  • Exclusion of interim profits and losses
  • Exclusion of revenue and expenditure

Quality reports and anlyses

Data collected for the purposes of consolidation can also be applied for the realization of goals of individual companies in a group and of a group as a whole. The application enables the execution of analytical queries and researches, creation of reports and analyses, design of graphic displays.

Data can be transferred into a decision support system and results can be published on the BI web portal, whereby the comparison between the companies in a group is enabled.

Functions and advantages of the Cons solution:

  • Application does not require a uniform and expensive general ledger for all affiliates
  • Automatic capturing of affiliates' gross balances without manual entries
  • Automatic conversion in EUR from foreign currencies
  • Automatic conversion of foreign gross balances in gross balances under Slovenian Accounting Standards
  • Monthly accounting statements of all affiliates of euro group under Slovenian Accounting Standards, monthly accounting statements of a group and monthly consolidations
  • Extract and export of data for the purpose of controlling of affiliates (comparison with a plan...)
  • Multiannual comparisons of groups statements
  • Automatic exclusion of mutual transactions of companies within a group at the level of analytical accounts (revenue, expenditure, claims, liabilities)
  • Integrated consolidation rules (capital, exchange differences, etc.) enabling that the majority of consolidations are carried out automatically
  • Extract of underlying documents for each individual consolidation, display of consolidation results for each individual company and type of consolidation